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Cloud Services.

Lamont Information Technology is always looking for ways to keep our clients’ IT infrastructure up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the IT world.


One of those ways is using offsite backups for backing up our clients data to an offsite secure location. From as little as R2/GB we insure that your data is safe and always backed up.


Apart from offsite backups, we offer hosted exchange so all users’ email, contacts and calendars are easily synced between devices and always backed up. We also host servers and workstations at low monthly costs that users can access from any internet connection.


Specialized Services Include: 


  • Offsite Backups
  • Hosted/Cloud  Email
  • Securemail
  • Email Archiving
  • Email Branding
  • Email Continuity

    Hosted Servers

    Our Server Hosting packages provide the speed, security and stability you need for your business servers at a fraction of the cost of creating the same hosting environment yourself.


    Office 365

    Looking to move all your data and Email to the cloud in 1 unified package?  Office 365 is the answer.


    Free Cloud Services

    Lamont Information Technology also makes use of all the free services out there like Dropbox, Gmail, Sugarsync, Skydrive and Google Drive to help keep users’ data in the cloud at no monthly cost. This is great for small companies as it allows the users to sync data between machines through the cloud. Users that have more than one machine see great advantages here, and those with just one machine still have the cloud backup as well as shared data between users with no need for big expensive servers. 


    SecureMail is a great product that protects your email from a number of threats. SecureMail also removes the administrative pain of managing and maintaining your email security. With a single MX record change, no infrastructure changes, and an easy to use web administration interface, protecting your network couldn’t be easier. Get true insight into email usage, top threats and bandwidth savings across the organization. SYNAQ SecureMail provides integrated advanced reports that can be automatically generated and delivered directly to your Inbox.


    Email Archiving

    With changing legislation governing email laws and a growing emphasis on email retention, Archive ensures that your business meets the latest legislation and governance requirements. Compliance has never been easier. You never have to worry about deleting emails and managing archive emails again. With unlimited storage you can rest assured that every email sent or received is archived, accessible and retrievable. Archive integrates directly with your on-premises Microsoft Exchange environment, allowing you to continue managing your mail infrastructure in a way that you’re used to. Administrators can draw detailed reports and information about who has done what and when, for every action on the system. The powerful system allows for a large amount of customization, making it very flexible. End users and administrators can uses a wide variety of search criteria to retrieve archived email in a few clicks. Administrators have access to the latest status, system alert and charts in real time.

    Email Branding

    Create and manage your marketing campaigns with our easy-to-use tools. Design your own mail campaign banners, signatures, corporate disclaimers, and manage them per individual, group or the company as a whole.  Use the powerful branded email reporting tools to give you insight into the success of your campaigns. 


    Market Better: with built-in banner campaigns you can turn every email into a powerful marketing message for your customers, suppliers and prospects. With daily email you’ll increase your advertising reach without having to break the bank.


    Centralized Signatures: keep your brand and corporate identity consistent by centralizing the look and feel of the signatures on every mail that leaves your organization. Centralised management saves you time, removes the pain and makes your signatures look great.


    Real-time Dashboard: get real-time insights into which campaigns are performing better, which clients are clicking-through and where your marketing message is working, all through our easy-to-access and understand web-based dashboard.


    Email Continuity

    Access anywhere: with Continuity, employees can access their mails for up to 30 days from anywhere on any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) - no complicated VPN’s necessary.


    Unlimited Storage: it doesn’t matter if you’re a heavy mail user or a lightweight - with SYNAQ Email Continuity you have an unlimited quota mailbox so you never have to worry about running out of quota space during an email outage.


    Available all the time: as a 100% available cloud service, SYNAQ Continuity ensures that no matter the time, day or night, your business email is accessible regardless of the status of your on-premises mail server.

    Hosted Cloud Email.

    Switching between Zimbra and  Microsoft’s  hosted email, we are easily able to find the right solution for you. From as low as R32/mailbox you can now sync your email, contacts, calendar’s and notes between all your devices. Because the email then sits in the cloud, it is always backed up and safe.

    Key features of hosted email are:

  • Gives you a 25GB mailbox to access to your email from anywhere in the world
  • Pushes your mail to mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Full calendar, address book and document sharing with colleagues    BlackBerry BES support 
  • Lets you find any email with split-second advanced search 
  • Works with Windows, Mac or Linux 
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 
  • Gives you a 99.9% up-time SLA 
  • Spam and virus protection 
  • Gives your administrators an easy interface they’ll fall in love with 
  • Backed up daily so you never have to worry 
  • Free 10-year email archiving 
  • Provides you with uncapped free cloud access to their mail services 
  • Saves you money

    Offsite backups

    Your data is encrypted with a 256 bit military-grade encryption and is replicated between two locations for fail-over, so your offsite backups will be secure and safe. Just install, set and forget and your new data is quietly copied offsite and backed up every day.  

    We support Windows, MacOS, Linux, Plugins for Exchange/Outlook/MS-SQL,MySQL/Oracle etc.  From as low as R2/GB per month you can’t go wrong.

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